Pomerania Cycle Routes

Cycling trails of Pomerania (Pomorze)

Thanks to the remarkable cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes and diverse terrain, every enthusiast of learning about the country by travelling by bike will find something interesting in the Pomorze (Pomeranian) region. With plenty of hills, lakes and forests of Kaszby (Kashubia) region is a perfect place to rest. Plains and the characteristic landscape of the Vistula River Delta in Puławy, or the soaring Gothic building or monuments of Kociewie, Powiśle and Ziemia Słupska. The most notable route of the Słupsk area is the route called Pierścień Gryfitów (Ring of Gryfit family). It is a trademark of the regional architecture, with the characteristic construction of cottages and it runs through the area of Swołowo, where the Pomeranian Folk Culture Museum is located.

Cycling routes of Kociewie create an area of very well-connected and maintained bicycle routes of varying difficulty. This network is over 1000 km long and creates a dozen of lovely trails. In addition to natural values, while traversing Kociewie trails you can see numerous monuments in the most important towns of the region like Starogard Gdański, Tczew, Pelplin, Gniew.

Powiśle region located near to the Vistula River is an area that attracts with its picturesque landscape and complex history. This region offers a network of trails located between Kwidzyn, Sztum, Prabuty, Dzierzgon and Malbork, including the Trail of Powiśle’s Castles. It is over 80 km long and connects Malbork, Sztum, Prabuty, Przezmark and Dzierzgon and allows to visit all those places. In the north, Powisle borders with Żuławy. Żuławy is a charming domain of flat and wide stretches of fields and meadows. The most riveting bicycle route in Żuławy is the Mennonite Route. It leads through the villages of the region is extremely rich in the cultural and historical heritage of the settlement in the Vistula delta. Along the way, there is the vastness of unique arcaded houses, Gothic churches, windmills and old Mennonite cemeteries.

Some trails of Pomerania