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General Information

Legal notice

Foundation “Polska na rowerze”
Gwardyjska 22; 33-300 Nowy Sącz
NIP: 734 355 50 72
REGON: 369231890
KRS: 0000713003

The Foundation is a tour operator, entered in the register of tour operators with the number Z/27/2018.

Our history


The mission of the Foundation

The “Poland on Bike” Foundation was established to:
– Promote cycling tourism as a form of sustainable tourism and the best-known form of active tourism.
– To spread the idea of an active and healthy lifestyle.
– To educate young people and adults about bicycle safety.
– To promote Polish Cycling Routes

Foundation’s Goals
– To promote the best bicycle routes and places in Poland among Polish, but also foreign cyclists.
– We want Polish tourists to be conscious cyclists and we start working on it with the youngest.
– We will create a unified system of trailblazing of bicycle routes, which we will be our pride abroad.
– However, our most important goal is to share our passion and knowledge about cycling.

Who’s behind this
Hi! I’m Marcin. I love traveling and cycling. I have been combining these two passions for many years and I encourage others to do so. During these several years I have visited more than 40 countries around the globe, and later bicycle tourism has become my job.

Together with my colleagues, I created the 80 Bicycles Project, which you could hear about. For many years we have been organizing bicycle expeditions around the world. Now is the time to promote cycling across Poland. That is why the Foundation was established.

Our job


We create a platform
We start by creating a website for Polish and foreign cyclists, where you will find the best bicycle routes and places in Poland. You will download gpx footprints of the trail, read about bicycle news, and find great bicycle events.

We promote Poland
As part of our activity, we promote Poland abroad as a new direction of bicycle travel, necessary to put on the must-see. We go to foreign tourist fairs and talk about our beautiful country.

We educate young people
As part of our statutory activity, we conduct classes in schools on safe cycling and far and near expeditions. We encourage you to contact us to invite us.

We organize rallies and trips
Despite the fledging Poland’s promotion, we organize weekend bicycle rallies on the most beautiful bicycle routes in Poland and shorter and longer trips for Polish and foreign cyclists. In this way, we show the beauty of Poland and raise funds for the current operation.

We conduct training
Together with the 80 Bicycles Project, we conducts training for a Bicycle Tourism Instructor.  In this way, we promote and share our experience in organizing bicycle trips for all ages.

We love what we do ❤

More information about our activities You find here (link)