Mennonite’s Cycle Trail

The Mennonite Route

The 173 km long Mennonite Route leads cyclists through the most substantial places full of souvenirs and traces of the presence of Mennonites. Along the route, worth-seeing are also other attractions of the Żuławy Wiślane. The trail splits into three parts. The first one is about 35 km long, it starts in the Lower Town (Dolne Miasto) of Gdańsk and runs through the area of Żuławy Gdańskie to the bridge in Kiezmark. Unfortunately, there are very few traces of the presence of this community in this area. The trail in this section has the best cycling infrastructure bicycle paths, footbridges, resting places and a good route marking.

The second part of the trail is almost 100 km long. It passes through the whole Żuławy Wielkie (Great Żuławy, known as Żuławy of Malbork). It runs through a very diverse, historical and cultural area. On the route, it is worth to take a longer break in the capital of Żuławy – Nowy Dwór Gdański. You can find there the Żuławy Historical Park there are numerous Mennonite memorabilia. Don’t forget about the majestic Teutonic Order castle in Malbork, but truly it is hard to miss. Worth mention is that several Mennonite cemeteries have been preserved near Malbork.

The last part of the trail runs through the area of Żuławy Elbląskie. It is about 35 km long. This area is the lowest part of this depressed (under sea level) region. The trail runs, through the overgrowing Druzno Lake, which is a paradise on earth for birds and ornithologists. The trail ends in Elbląg.

The flat terrain of Żuławy allows fast travelling. It is better to travel in the direction from Gdańsk to Elbląg, due to the prevailing westerly winds in the Pomeranian area.

Distance: 173 km Surface: asphalt
Ascent:  220 m Bicycle: a Mountain Bike (MTB), a touring bicycle or a cyclo-cross bibicle
Descent:  240 m Difficulty level: easy
Start point: Gdańsk End point: Elblag
Website:  Trail signs: See the trail marking (link)

Attractions on the route:
Gdańsk | Wattle and daub made buildings (Zabudowa szachulcowa) | Motława River (Dolina rzeki Motławy) | Żuławy Wiślane | Baltic Sea (Morze Bałtyckie) | Żuławy Historical Park in Nowy Dwór Gdański (Żuławski Park Historyczny w Nowym Dworze Gdańskim) | Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (Zamek krzyżacki w Malborku) | Elbląg | Mennonite Heritage (Dziedzictwo mennonickie)

Suggested stages:
This route is 174km long. Considering the availability of accommodation, we suggest splitting the trail into three stages:

Stage 01| Gdańsk – Nowy Dwór Gdański | approx. 67 km
Stage 02| Nowy Dwór Gdański – Malbork | approx. 55 km
Stage 03| Malbork – Elbląg | approx. 50 km

How to get to the start point:
The start and the end points of the trail are well connected. Gdańsk, Nowy Dwór Gdański, Malbork and Elbląg have train stations and local transportation option. You can get there by train from many cities in Poland.