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Our services


The “Poland on Bike” Foundation was established as a result of our several years of experience, which we have been gathering as part of the 80 Bicycles Project, organizing various types of bicycle events. Our team had the pleasure to organize trips for a wide group of cyclists: children, adults, seniors or disabled. We organized trips to over 50 countries. We want to share this experience with other people. We believe that Poland is a great place to cycle for us, Poles and of course you, foreign cyclists. We want to invite you to our beautiful Poland! Below you will get acquainted with the topics we will be dealing with, or we already did.

  1. Polish bicycle trail websites and different languages versions

We create, update and work to ensure that every cyclist has access to all the most interesting bicycle routes, mtb, enduro or singletrack sites in one place.  Here you will find it:

– maps,
– gpx footprints,
– cool descriptions
– pictures and videos of these places

ATTENTION: if you think that there is a trail missing, please let us know. We will check it and update.

We want and are we working on making sure our website is translated into foreign languages. First, it will be English, then German and other languages.

  1. Cooperation with local governments (municipalities, districts, provinces)

We are interested in getting in touch with local authorities to establish cooperation and help to promote bicycle routes and places. We want as many people as possible from Poland and around the world to learn about wonderful places.

  1. Organization of bicycle rallies promoting Polish bicycle routes.

Due to our extremely rich experience in organizing bicycle events, we encourage you to cooperate with us in organizing rallies on the trails that need to be promoted. We will be happy to undertake the organization of such an event.

Besides, we plan to organize cyclical events, rallies in Poland to promote it in bicycle communities in Poland and abroad.

  1. Unification of bicycle trails

We want a unified system of trailblazing in Poland to meet the best European standards. Thus we want to invite all entities involved in the trailblazing of bicycle trails to cooperate to develop jointly the best solution.

We think that you will agree with us in saying that currently there is no single standard of trailblazing of bicycle routes in Poland and the PTTK marking instruction does not fulfil requirements anymore. Therefore, it is time for new ones.

We invite you to cooperate in this field.

  1. Win trails and win awards

We want to create prize packages for those who will complete particular bicycle trails in our country. We are working on this topic.

  1. Activities in schools

We provide classes on bicycles in schools. As we wrote earlier, we want to share our knowledge and experience with others. We started with heading to the schools, and we are looking for further development. You can invite us to your school and we will cover such topics:

– “Safety on the bike.”
– “Far and near bicycle trips.”
– “Bike construction and maintenance”

  1. Training of the Bike Tourism Instructor

Together with Project 80 Bicycles successfully, we have been training instructors for several years. More about this training you can find here (link)

  1. Comprehensive organization of bicycle trips around Poland

We are professionals in the organization of bicycle trips, rallies and the broadly understood bicycle theme. You can rely on us and pass your bicycle holidays in Poland in our hands.

If you are planning a trip to Poland on bicycles, you have come to the right place. We will take care of it comprehensively. Below is a list of services that we can offer:

– Comprehensive organization of the trip –
If you want someone to organize a comprehensive trip, please contact us. We will prepare everything according to your expectations. You will not have to worry about anything.

– Guided Tours –
It’s a trip where you won’t have to worry about anything. You will be accompanied by a guide who will lead the whole trip and tell the most interesting stories related to the place. He will also have maps, guides, and reservations of accommodation and other attractions on the route, according to the program of the trip.

– Supported Tours –
It’s a trip where the group goes without a guide. The participants receive maps, gpx traces of the route, and a detailed description of the trip and the individual stages. However, there is still a support car with the group, which carries the luggage, and the driver is there to help in all aspects of the trip.

– Self-Guided tour –
This kind of trip is for those who need only basic information, and the rest of the things they can prepare themselves. In the case of this service, our office will prepare a detailed description of the route, provide gpx files for the route, maps, and a guide if necessary. We will prepare the reservation of accommodation and individual attractions according to the schedule. In exceptional situations, we also provide telephone assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer them.