The Vistula Cycle Route I

The Vistula Cycle Route


The Vistula Bike Route is one of the largest projects among bicycle trails in Poland. The route is designed to cross the whole country from the springs of the Vistula River high in the mountains to the Baltic Sea. The total length of the trail is about 1200 km. At present, there are two sections of this trail in Poland in three voivodeships: 艢l膮skie, Ma艂opolskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie.聽

The route starts in Wisla at the train station. After about 70 km, which run through the province of Silesia, we enter the area of Malopolska.

That is a description of the first part of the route. It starts in Wis艂a (a city named after the Vistula River) and ends in Szczucin, the city near to the border between Podkarpackie and 艢wi臋tokrzyskie Voivodeships. The route runs through the most attractive places in the Vistula River and its tributaries valleys in the Silesian and Lesser Poland Regions (艢l膮skie and Ma艂opolskie Voivodeship).

The trail starts in Wis艂膮 and runs along the Vistula River through Ustro艅, Skocz贸w, Ochaby, Drogomy艣l, turning before Strumie艅 to Zab艂ocie, then through Zarzecze, Chybie, Zabrzeg (passing near to the Gocza艂kowickie Lake dam) and Czechowice-Dziedzice to Kan贸w. The section of the trail that leads through Ma艂opolskie Voivodeship starts in Jawiszowice and ends 230 kilometres further – in Szczucin. The route runs, among others, through O艣wi臋cim, Skawina, next to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, on Vistula Boulevards in Krak贸w, just near Niepo艂omice and Zalipie.
The trail is well marked, the cyclists travelling along the route are guided by R4 type signs, i.e. an orange plate with a black bicycle and the trail’s logo, sometimes accompanied by signs informing about the distance to particular towns. The surface of the trail is not uniform. The trail runs mostly on asphalt roads with little car traffic, and in some parts on gravel roads.

Distance: 311 km Surface: Asphalt and gravel
Ascent: 2 800 m Bicycle: Any type of bicycle
Descent: 3 070 m Difficulty level: Easy
Start point: Train Station in Wisla Finish point: Szczucin
Website: Soon Signage: Check it here (link)

Attractions on the route:
Wis艂a | Ustro艅 | Beskid 艢l膮ski | Jezioro Gocza艂kowickie (Gocza艂kowickie Lake)|聽 Ko艣ci贸艂 艣w. Marcina w Jawiszowicach (St. Martin Church in Jawiszowice) | O艣wi臋cim | M臋tk贸w | Rudnia艅ski Park Krajobrazowy (Rudnia艅ski Landscape Park) | Dolina Karpia (The Carp Valley) | Zator | Skansen w Wygie艂zowie (Open-air museum in Wygie艂z贸w) | Zamek Lipowiec (Lipowiec Castle) | Alwernia | Biela艅sko 鈥 Tyniecki Park Krajobrazowy (Biela艅sko-Tyniecki Landscape Park) | Opactwo Benedyktyn贸w w Ty艅cu (Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec ) | Krak贸w | Niepo艂omice | Puszcza Niepo艂omicka (Niepo艂omicka Primeval Forest) | ZalipieWis艂a | Ustro艅 | Silesian Beskid | Gocza艂kowickie Lake|聽 St. Martin’s Church in Jawiszowice | O艣wi臋cim (Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum) | M臋tk贸w | Zator | Vistula Ethnography Park in Wygie艂z贸w | Lipowiec Castle, | Alwernia | Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec | Krakow | Niepo艂omice | Zalipie | Rudnia艅ski Landscape Park

Proposed stages:
Due to the availability of accommodation, we suggest dividing the trail into four stages:

Stage 01 | Wis艂a – Czechowice-Dziedzice | approx. 70 km
Stage 02 | Czechowice-Dziedzice – Zator | approx. 50 km
Stage 03 | Zator – Niepo艂omice | approx. 85 km
Stage 04 | Niepo艂omice – Szczucin | approx. 100 km

How to get on the trail:
The start point of the trail is well-connected. You can get to Wis艂a City by train. The end of the trail in Szczucin may cause some problems, since poor public transport solutions. If you are not willing to continue the journey further by the Vistula Bike Route, we recommend to finish in Janikowice, there take the VeloDunajec route to Tarn贸w and take a train to Krak贸w. Krak贸w is well connected with other cities in Poland and is near to the Airport.

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