South Mazury Cycling Trails

South Mazury Cycling Trails


South Masuria’s bicycle trails include 20 trails of different lengths, mostly forming loops, marked with different colours according to the standardization of PTTK (Tourist Organisation) routes. The trails are located in the southern part of the Masuria. They pass near to the lakes such as Śniardwy, Orzysz, Nidzkie and Łuknajno. Those lakes are located in the so-called Land of Great Masurian Lakes. Masurian surface was shaped by the last glaciation about 14 thousand years ago. Masuria is a protected area – Masurian Landscape Park. The central point of this part of Masuria is Śniardwy Lake – the largest lake in Poland with an area of 113.8 square kilometres. Through numerous canals and passages, it connects with many other Masurian lakes. The Piska Forest is the second-largest forest complex in Europe, with an area of about 100 thousand hectares.

Masuria attracts with beautiful lakes, varied terrain, extensive forests, roadside tree alleys and a small density. A huge advantage is numerous resorts, water sports centres, swimming pools and sailing and canoeing trails.

South Masuria Attractions:
Śniardwy Lake (Jezioro Śniardwy) | Association „Piska Pozycja Ryglowa” | Fortress Ruciane – Guzianka (Węzeł obronny Ruciane – Guzianka) | Ritual Circle of Galinds (Krąg Galindów) | Island on Śniardwy Lake (Czarcia Wyspa) | Bełdany Lake (Jezioro Bełdany) | Museum of Krzysztof Ildefons Gałczyński in Leśniczówka – Pranie (Muzeum Krzysztofa Ildefonsa Gałczyńsiego w Leśniczówce-Pranie) | Museum of Michał Kajka in Ogórek (Muzeum Michała Kajki w Ogórku) | Protected Forest “Szast” (Las Ochronny „Szast”) | Manor hause in Gałków (Dwór Łowczego w Gałkowie) | Cultural settlement in Kadzidłowo (Osada Kulturowa w Kadzidłowie) | Wild Animal Park in Kadzidłowo (Park Dzikich Zwierząt w Kadzidłowie) | Mill in Zielony Lasek (Młyn w Zielonym Lasku) | Museum of Pisz Land (Muzeum Ziemi Piskiej)| Museum of Nature in Krutynia (Muzeum Przyrodnicze w Krutyni) | Muzeum regionalne im. Walentyny Dermackiej w Pieckach | Muzeum Ernsta Wiecherta w Piersławku | History of Region Room in Wejsuny (Izba Regionalna w Wejsunach) | Workshop in Ublik (Manufaktura Górecka w Ubliku) | Water tower in Biała Piska (Wieża ciśnień w Białej Piskiej) | A manor house in Pisz (Dom Królewski w Piszu) | Water Tower in Pisz (Wieża ciśnień w Piszu) | Galindians Land (Galindia) | Lock Guzianka (Śluza Guzianka) | Lock Karwik (Śluza Karwik) | Waterway Jegliński (Kanał Jegliński) | Marina “Ekomarina” in Pisz (Ekomarina w Piszu) | Ferry on a line in Wierzba (Prom na linie w Wierzbie) | Orthodox church in Wojnowo (Cerkiew w Wojnowie) | Orzysz Lake (Jezioro Orzysz) | Viewpoints: Niedźwiedzi Róg, Półwysep Szeroki Ostrów and Nowe Guty | Forest Education Centre “Pliszka” in Piska Forest (Osrodek Edukacji Leśnej „Pliszka”) | Szwajcaria Orzyska – reagion near to Ublik Mały Lake | Masurian Landscape Park (Mazurski Park Krajobrazowy) | Piska Forest (Puszcza Piska) | Nature Reserve Of Nidzkie Lake (Rezerwat Jezioro Nidzkie) | Krutynia River Valley (Dolina rzeki Krutyni) | Nature Reserve Of Łukajno Lake (Rezerwat Jezioro Łukajno) | Mikołajki | Ruciane Nida

Piska Forest Route | Red trail | Easy | Start point: Pisz

Length / Ascent – 29,9 km / 160 m

The bicycle trail leads through the Pisz municipality, south-west of the city. The route is less than 30 km long. It starts and ends in Pisz, at the crossroads of Gdańska, Leśna and Klementowskiego streets. It runs roads with low density, sometimes in forest. It leads around Pogobie Wielkie Lake and Pogobie Małe Lake. The route is a perfect choice for families because it is easy and short.

Forest “Ochronny Szast” Route | Blue trail | Easy | Start point: Pisz

Length / Ascent – 35 km / 370 m

The route is short and quite easy. It leads mostly through new forests. The trail forms a loop, it starts and ends 700 metres from the centre of Pisz, where the asphalt and forest roads cross.

Bear’s Horn Trail | Green trail | Medium | Start point: Snopki

Length / Ascent – 55 km / 600 m

The trail runs through the area of Pisz municipality and Ruciane-Nida municipality, to the west of Pisz. It leads mostly through forests and near to the lakes. It crosses the national road twice, so we recommend to cross the street by foot and continue the ride on the other side. The difficulty level of the route differs – there are sandy parts and easy parts. The trail forms a 55 km loop, begins and ends in Snopki. This route is perfect for nature lovers who are not afraid of challenges.

Śniardwy Lake Route | Yellow trail | Easy | Start point: Trzonki/Szczechy Wielkie

Length / Ascent – 32,6 km / 255 m

The trail starts about 5.5 km from Pisz, there is a paved bicycle path, which runs parallel to the national road No. 63. The trail runs on the northern areas of Pisz municipality and southern Orzysz municipality. It is quite short but difficult. Large fluctuations in the height of the terrain, downhill and uphill, sandy surfaces require a quite good condition and may be too demanding for a beginner. The tourist will be led through forests, buildings, open and marshy areas, on asphalt, ground and sandy roads, through eight villages. You can spend a moment of rest halfway on the picturesque high shore of the Śniardwy Lake near Kwiok or in Nowe Guty.

Bełdany Loop | Red trail | Medium | Start point: Ruciane-Nida

Length / Ascent – 35 km / 365 m

The Beldany Loop is the third-longest bicycle path in the Ruciane-Nida municipality. The whole route is 35 kilometres long. It may be a bit longer if you decide to visit Mikołajki. The trail starts in the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre of the municipality in Ruciane-Nida.

Nidzka Loop | Blue trail | Medium | Start point: Ruciane-Nida

Length / Ascent – 46,5 km / 640 m

Nidzka Loop is the longest route in Ruciane-Nida municipality. It is 46,5km long and starts in the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre of the municipality in Ruciane-Nida. The trail leads through Piska Forest and near to the Nidzkie Lake.

Wide Forest Loop | Yellow trail | Easy  |  Start point: Ruciane-Nida

Length / Ascent – 22,6 km / 160 m

Szeroki Bór Loop is the shortest route in Ruciane-Nida municipality. It is only 22,6 km long. It is perfect for beginners and for those who want to start longer bicycle holidays. Similarly to other routes, it starts in the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre of the municipality in Ruciane-Nida.

Wojnowska Loop | Green trail | Medium | Start point: Ruciane-Nida

Length / Ascent – 39 km / 260 m

The Wojnowska loop is the second-longest route in the municipality of Ruciane-Nida. It is 39.1 km long and starts at the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre in Ruciane-Nida. The trail leads, through the picturesque Krutynia river valley.

Uhlans’ Route | Red trail | Easy | Start point: Biała Piska

Length / Ascent – 22,8 km / 220 m

The trail leads through places where the Podlasie Cavalry Brigade (Uhlans) fought the Germans in September 1939. 2/3 of the route out of 22.7 km runs on asphalt roads with low traffic density, and less than 1/4 leads through the forest. Besides, you can see the water tower in Biała Piska, the Circle of Galinds (Krąg Galindów) between Kumielsk and Długi Kąt, and a monument commemorating the soldiers of the Podlasie Cavalry Brigade in Kowalewo.

Linden Alley Route | Blue trail | Easy | Start point: Drygały

Length / Ascent – 24 km / 150 m

Stockpiling, floodplains and water cascades on the Święcek River, linden alleys and charming forest corners make possible the observation of wildlife in the Forest District of Drygała.

Orzysz Lake Route | Red trail | Medium | Start/end point: Orzysz / Wężewo

Length / Ascent – 34 km / 420 m

The trail runs through charming villages and offers contact with nature, history and culture of people living here. While riding, let’s stop in Ogródek and visit Michał Kajka Museum.

Szwajcaria Orzyska Route | Green trail | Easy | Start/end point: Orzysz / Okartów

Length / Ascent – 31 km /

The trail lays in the middle of the rich landscape of Szwajcaria Orzyska. It is full of unforgettable views. In Cierzpięty there is a war cemetery from World War I and a huge bunker located on a hill south of Cierzpięty village. The route ends in Okartów, near to the Śniardwy Lake and Tyrkło, where the Water Rescue Station is located.

Trail of ribbon lakes | Black trail | Easy | Start/end point: Orzysz/Okartów

Length / Ascent –21 km / 260 m

“Trail of ribbon lakes” allows you to feel the characteristic Masurian vibe, as it leads through fields, meadows, forests and lakes, where particularly rich and diverse fauna and flora have found refuge. It is worthwhile to stop in Ublik and see hand-painted ceramics in the ceramic-artistic workshop called Manufaktura Górecka.

Family Route | Yellow trail | Easy | Start/end point: Orzysz / Mikosze

Length / Ascent – 21 km / 325 m

The loop of the trail leads through interesting mixed forests, quite varied in altitude, with numerous marshy areas, to the Orzysz River. Passing through Grądy we will find an old Evangelical cemetery.

Śniardwy Lake Route | Blue trail | Difficult | Pisz

Length / Ascent – 97 km / 980 m

It is a route leading around the largest Polish lake. You will need to take a ferry to cross a lake in Wierzba. The trail is 88.2 km long, but you can extend it to 102 km (e.g. the lock in Karwik or the Szeroka Ostrów Peninsula in Zdory).

Route of Ernest Wiechert | Blue trail | Medium | Start point: Krutyń

Length / Ascent – 33 km / 275 m

The route leads from Krutynia to Piersławek, the birthplace and youthful place of the German writer Ernst Wiechert, whose work connects with Masuria. The road leads to the lakes: Wet, Kolowin, Majcz Wielki. In Lipowo you can see the early medieval settlement of the Galind family, the Baltic people.

Foster’s House „Pranie” Route | Red trail | Medium | Start point: Krutyń

Length / Ascent – 30,6 km / 120 m

The route leads to the foster’s house „Pranie” (which means Laundry) on Lake Nidzkie, where Konstany Ildefons Gałczyński (famous Polish poet and writer) rested and worked. On the way, you can see a watermill and boulders from an old gravel pit.

Mokre Lake Route | Medium | Start point: Krutyń

Length / Ascent – 23,4 km / 200 m

The route starts at Dom Zdrojowy (sanatorium). It runs along forest roads and streets of Świeradów Zdrój. 40% of the trail runs on asphalt roads the others run on gravel roads among forests. On the route, there are several viewpoints on the Izerskie Foothills and Izerskie Garby. There are several rest points along the trail. It is worth stopping at the Izera Crossroads (Rozdroże Izerskie), where there is a beautiful view of the Izera Mountains and Stanisław Mines.

Cultural-historical route | Medium | Start point: Krutyń

Length / Ascent – 22,4 km / 145 m

This route leads through boulders near the Rosocha and Wojnowo villages. They lay in the zone of the front moraine of the Baltic Glaciation and the outwash plain on the south. In Wojnowo you can visit the monastery and molenna (house of prayers of Old Believers) and the Orthodox Church of Russian settlers from the first half of the 19th century.