MTB zone in the Sudetes

MTB zone in the Sudetes


The MTB zone of the Sudetes (Sudety Mountains) is the largest and fastest-growing system of mountain bicycle routes in Poland. This project is a response to the growing trend of active recreation. It is created from 2013 by a professional and committed team, which introduces new quality and solutions, known from the world’s best bicycle regions.

To fully appreciate the uniqueness of this project, you should pay attention to diverse routes (including single tracks), cyclist-friendly infrastructure and certification of accommodation, catering and service facilities. The MTB zone in the Sudetes is also about emotions and competition in the series of races for the MTB Sudetes Cup appreciated by the participants and fans. Knowledge, passion and energy, combined with unique nature, make the MTB zone in the Sudetes the best place in Poland for MTB fans.

The MTB zone in the Sudetes is not only the best place for cycling in Poland but also a unique combination of three factors: active leisure (sport and recreation), interaction with unspoiled nature (Owl Mountains Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy G贸r Sowich), Suche Mountains) and tourism in an area offering more than ten monuments famous in Poland and Europe (including the Silver Mountain Fort (Twierdza Srebrna G贸ra), Riese, Os贸wka, Grodno Castle) and more than 100 smaller local attractions.

During visiting the MTB Sudetes MTB Zone, everyone will find something for themselves, no matter if they are a child, a person in their prime, a senior citizen, a professional or an amateur.

NOTE: the colours of the route marking of the MTB zone in the Sudetes have absolutely nothing to do with their difficulty level. Remember this.

It is worth to buy printed map available on the MTB Sudetenland Zone website (Strefy MTB Sudety). All routes included no need to worry about a poor internet connection.

Route Bardo | Blue | 25 km

This route is less than 25 km long. It starts in Bardo, that鈥檚 the best place because you can leave your car there. Also, the Singletrack Glacensis starts from this village – you can read about it here. On the route, we have two mountain passes to cross: Wilcza and Miko艂owska. One of the most interesting elements of this route is the Cisowa G贸ra Reserve (Rezerwat Cisowa G贸ra).

Route Srebrna G贸ra | Orange | 11 km

The orange route starts at the Wilcza Pass (Prze艂臋cz Wilcza), leads to the Silver Pass (Prze艂臋cz Srebrna), where it bends and returns to Bardo. Its length is about 11 km, and the ascent is about 221 m. This route may be a link between Srebrna G贸ra Fort and another branch of the trail to the west direction.

Route聽 Srebrna G贸ra | Yellow | 7,5 km

This is a short loop, only 7.5 km long. It starts and ends at the Srebrna Pass (Prze艂臋cz Srebrna). The ascents are about 318 m, which makes a ride challenging. Its characteristic places are the Iron Bridge (Most 呕elazny) and the Silver Mountain Viaduct.

Route聽 Srebrna G贸ra | Green | 15 km

The Green Loop in the Zone is a 15 km long route surrounding the Enduro Silver Mountain Route complex (read more here). The ascent is about 740 meters. It starts at the Srebrna Pass (Prze艂臋cz Srebrna), passes through Chocho艂 Wielki, where after a long descent and a short climb it enters the Peasant鈥檚 Valley (Dolina Ch艂opiny). Further on, there is a 2 km drive up and downhill to the Srebrna Pass.

Route聽 Srebrna G贸ra | Blue | 25,6 km

The Blue Route at Silver Mountain is the longest trail in this area. It is almost 26 km long, with a total ascent 1195 m. It also starts at the Srebrna Pass (Prze艂臋cz Srebrna) with an uphill climb and reaches an altitude of 831 m. Then you will gain the Waliborska Pass (Prze艂臋cz Waliborska), here you can take the following routes: Strefa, Bielawa – Red or Bielawa – Yellow. If we want to return to the Srebrna Pass, we pass the Wide Pass (Prze艂臋cz Szeroka), Stone of Three Borders (Kamie艅 Trzech Granic) and after a few kilometres we are back on the Silver Pass.

Route Bielawa | Red | 31 km

The Red route is a loop of 31 km. It starts in Bielawa near the Sudeten Reservoir (Zbiornik Sudety). You can also enter it from the trail above from the Waliborska Pass (Prze艂臋cz Waliborska). The ascent is about 1109 m. It is worth to take a break at Jod艂ownik, Wigancicka Polana.

Route Bielawa | Yellow | 21 km

Another route in the vicinity of Bielawa, this time in yellow, it is 21 km long, and the ascent is 800m in total. It starts and ends at Waliborska Pass (Prze艂臋cz Waliborska). You will cross Bielawska Glade (Bielawska Polana), and Jugowska Pass (Prze艂臋cz Jugowska). A short section of it runs through the Bukowa Kalenica Reserve in the Owl Mountains (G贸ry Sowie).

Route Bielawa | Blue | 28 km

This route also starts at the Sudetenland Reservoir (Zbiornik Sudety) in Bielawa. This trail is 28 km long, and the ascent is about 1117 m in total. It begins with an uphill ride over 12 km, you will reach Trzy Buki and the Jugowska Pass (Prze艂臋cz Jugowska), and the peak is Kozia R贸wnina (Goat Plain). Right after it, there is a short and fast downhill. Next, you will ride a short uphill to climb Kalenica Peak, located next to the Bukowa Kalenica Reserve in the Owl Mountains. Descending you will pass Bielawska Polana, and after a few kilometres, you will return to the Sudety Reservoir.

Route聽 Bielawa | Black | 45 km

Like the previous routes, it starts at the Sudeten Reservoir. The black loop is 45 km long, and this is the longest route in the area. The ascent is about 1700 m in total. You will go in the direction of Stara Jod艂a, and the first climax is the Great Owl (Wielka Sowa) with a height of 1010 m above sea level. It is the highest peak of the Owl Mountains, and it belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains (the list of highest peaks of each mountain chain). Then the route leads to Kozie Siod艂o, Jugowska Pass and Bukowa Chata Mountain Shelter, where you can stop for a break. Nearby there is also the Zygmunt贸wka Mountain Shelter. From this point, you still have about 13 km to the end of the trail. It is not an easy stage you will pass Bielawska Polana and Kalenica. And later you will reach the Sudeten Reservoir.

Route Bielawa | Orange | 19 km

The Orange route is the last one of the Bielawa routes. To reach the trail it鈥檚 better and closer to start from Walim. It is 19 km long, and you have to go up 688 meters all over the road. It starts at the place named Goat Saddle (Kozie Siod艂o), crosses the Great Owl (Wielka Sowa) and goes down to the Walimska Pass (Prze艂臋cz Walimska), and turns towards Deers鈥 Glade (Jelenia Polana). Further on you go down to the Pass of Sok贸艂 (Prze艂臋cz Soko艂a). Later there are two possibilities of a break: The Eagle Shelter (Schronisko Or艂a) and Owl Shelter (Schronisko Soko艂a). Next, you have a quick descent and the ascent through Lisie Ska艂y (Foxs鈥 Rocks) and the loop is closed in the Kozie Siod艂o. Nearby you will find a viewing platform. The route is best to start at Szypr贸wka – Chata Pod Sowa (a cottage).

Route Walim | Red | 22 km

The Walim Red Route is a 22-kilometre loop. The ascent in total is less than 570 m. The route starts at Bystrzyckie Lake at Wodna Street among trees. In the area, a place worth visiting is Grodno Castle. On the route, the Kurasz and Bareczna peaks and Glinno (a small city) are waiting for you. At the end, you go towards Zag贸rze 艢l膮skie.

Route G艂uszyca – Walim | Yellow | 30 km

The yellow route through G艂uszica and Walim is 30 km long. On the map, the starting point is the village of G艂uszyca, but feel free to choose a different place like Walim. After 5km ride, you will find an unusual place – the Os贸wka Complex (Kompleks Os贸wka) very famous place. The next point is the Sokola Pass (Prze艂臋cz Soko艂a) and the village of Walim. After a break, you go on and get to the point Grz膮dki. The next unusual place that waits for you is Riese – Sobo艅 Complex (Kompleks Sobo艅), later there is a descent towards G艂uszyca.

Route G艂uszyca – Walim | Green | 72 km

Another trail in the region of G艂uszyca and Walim is the Green route. It is the longest one in the entire MTB zone in the Sudetes. We suggest you start near Rybnica Ma艂a, but it is even better to begin in G艂uszyca or Walim. At the first stage, the route leads through the Sudety Wa艂brzyskie Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy Sudet贸w Wa艂brzyskich). While riding, you will see a few interesting places. These include passes: near Wawrzyniak, Marcowa. You will see places connected to the Second World War such as the complex “W艂odarz”, “Moszna” – which are part of the Riese project. Following the trail, you will get to Walim. The Great Owl is the next point to reach it. After an exhausting climb, you can stop at the Owl Shelter. Then go down to the Passes Sokola, near Czarnochem, near Szpiczak. Before the last kilometres, you can rest in the Andrzej贸wka Shelter and finally admire the Rogowiec Castle. After driving almost 73 km and the ascent of 2490 m in total 鈥 the loop is complete Being full of excitement and very tired is what mountain biking is about.

Route G艂uszyca | Orange | 10 km

The orange route from G艂uszyca is a short, 10 km loop with a total of 340 m ascent. In the beginning, there is an uphill of 652 m. Later there is a downhill, while you will pass the Imperial Rocks (Cesarskie Ska艂y). Next, there is a route in the direction of G艂uszyca. It’s a good idea for a quick round around the area.

Route G艂uszyca | Blue | 23 km

The Blue Route is a loop, less than 23 km long and 670 m uphill. The beginning and end are in the centre of G艂uszyca. Andrzej贸wka Shelter is a place where you can regenerate. The first and last 4 km are the same section.

Route G艂uszyca – Mierosz贸w | Red | 40 km

Another route recommendation in the area of G艂uszyca is the red loop, which you can also enter from Mierosz贸w. It is almost 40 km long and 1166 m ascent. A large part of it runs along the border with the Czech Republic. After an 8-kilometre drive you get to the Andrzej贸wka Shelter, then you go down to Soko艂owsko. Later there is a 4-kilometre ascent to the Pass under Szpiczak (Prze艂臋cz pod Szpiczakiem) next to the Pass under Czarnochem (Prze艂臋cz pod Czarnochem). After a downhill, you will reach Melafir鈥檚 Quarry (Kamienio艂om Melafir贸w). The centre of G艂uszyca is 4km from it.

Route G艂uszyca | Black | 21 km

The black route is the last suggestion of the loop from G艂uszyca. It is 21 km long, and you have to drive 735 m up. On the trail, you will see Rock Gates (Sklane Bramy) and Rogowiec Castle. The highest point of the route is the Rock Gate (Skalna Brama) located at 831 m above sea level. You can find there a plaque with the inscription “To those who have gone forever, and for those who will come after us”. There is also a viewing point over a small cliff with a panorama of the G艂uszyca and Owl Mountains.

Route Mierosz贸w | Green | 27 km

Now it’s the turn to the west and the Mieroszowa area. The starting point is Soko艂owsko, as it connects with previous routes, but you can also start in Mierosz贸w. The trail is 27 km long, and the ascent is 850 m. The first dazzling place is Herman’s cave (Grota Hermana). After 7 km you will see the Bike Arena in Mierosz贸w. Then you will make a loop around Mierosz贸w.

Route Mierosz贸w | Black | 17 km

This route is about 17 km long. The ascent is about 755 m with the highest point at 862 m above sea level at the top of Lesista Wielka Mountain.

Route Kamienna G贸ra – Mierosz贸w | Orange | 5 km

The orange route is a link between Mierosz贸w and Kamienna G贸ra. It is 5 km long.

Route Kamienna G贸ra | Yellow | 14 km

The yellow route, 14 km long, starts near Kochan贸w. The ascent is 275 meters, so it is not very demanding. On this trail, you will pass the Watchtower Corner Pass (Prze艂臋cz Stra偶nicze Naro偶e) and see the Devils鈥 Rocks (Czartowskie Ska艂y).

Route Kamienna G贸ra | Blue | 15 km

This is the last trail of the MTB zone in the Sudetes. The blue route, which also starts in Kochanow, is 15 km long. The ascent is less than 300 meters. It is a pleasant, interval loop.

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