Green Velo – Podlasie

Green Velo - Podlasie

The longest part of Green Velo Trail runs in the Podlaskie Voivodeship – it is almost 600 km. The trail starts at the border of three countries at the northern edge of the region, leads through the Suwa艂ki region, the August贸w Primeval Forest, the Biebrza National Park (from where a branch of the trail to 艁om偶a leaves), Bia艂ystok, the Knyszy艅ska and the Bia艂owie偶a Primeval Forests.

1/3 of the area of Podlaskie Voivodeship is covered by primeval forests. There are as many as four national parks: Biebrza艅ski, Bia艂owieski, Narwia艅ski and Wigierski.聽 The Bia艂owie偶a Forest is the only preserved primeval forest in the whole Europe. The Biebrza National Park, the largest Polish park, is home to 1/3 of the Polish elk population. Located in the heart of the Narew National Park region, it is called the “Polish Amazon”. The Narew River, which flows through numerous channels and connects with old riverbeds, creates vast, scenic floodplains. Among dozens of picturesque post-glacial lakes scattered throughout the Park, the Wigry Lake – one of the largest, cleanest and most beautiful lakes in Poland – reigns. The winding coastline, numerous islands and bays, are the habitat of many endangered bird and animal species, including the symbol of the Park – the Beaver. However, the undisputed king of the region is the European bison – these areas are inhabited by over half of the Polish population of these animals.

Podlaskie is the most ethnically and culturally diverse voivodeship. Apart from Catholics, the most numerous Orthodox community in Poland lives here. In Kruszyniany, inhabited by Polish Tatars, there is the oldest mosque in Poland. Traces of the region’s multicultural history can be seen in the local customs, art and architecture. The cultural richness of the borderland was created by the Jewish communities and Lithuanian and Belarusian minorities living here in the past.

Distance: 517 km Surface: asphalt, sands, forest paths, unpaved paths
Ascent: 6 750 m Bicycle: MTB/touring bike
Descent: 6 850 m Difficulty level: easy/medium
Start point: Wisztyniec Finish point: Niemir贸w
Website: greenvelo.pl聽聽聽 Signage: See the trail sign (link)

Atrakcje na szlaku:
Suwa艂ki Landscape Park | Ha艅cza Lake |聽 Suwa艂ki | Wigry Museum in Stary Folwark | Camaldolese Monastery in Wigry | Wigry Lake | Wigry National Park | August贸w Primeval Forest | August贸w | Sajno Lake | August贸w Canal | Monastery聽 of the Annunciation in Supra艣l | Knyszyn Forest | Goni膮dz | Osowiec Fortress | Biebrza River | Tykocin Castle | Narew River |
Bia艂owie偶a | Bia艂owie偶a Forest | European bison | Hajn贸wka | Wisztyniec | Bia艂ystok | Biebrza National Park