Cycle Trail of the Eagle’s Nests

Trail of the Eagle鈥檚 Nests

Discover the trail of medieval strongholds of the Polish Jura.

The Polish Jurassic Highland (Jura Krakowsko-Cz臋stochowska) is one of the most stunning regions in Poland. It is obvious that one of the bicycle鈥檚 trails runs through this upland located between Cz臋stochowa and Krak贸w. It is a land of rocky hills, wooded hills, caves, limestone outcrops and ravines, unique in terms of sightseeing, nature and history. It is 160 kilometres long and its width varies from a few kilometres at its northern ends to nearly 40 in the southern part. The northern border with Wielu艅ska Upland (Wy偶yna Wielu艅ska) is the gorge of the Warta River near Cz臋stochowa, the southern part of Vistula River. The trail is less than 190 km long, but it leads among the ruins and castles that remember the era of the first Polish dynasty (the Piast鈥檚 era). Landscapes of this trail are breathtaking.

The Eagle’s Nests is the name of a system of medieval castles, located in the difficult to reach points of the Jurassic Highland. Those castles are among the oldest in Poland. Castles and watchtowers built on the tops of the hills to defend the then capital city – Krakow and the border areas in the early days of the Polish state. Just like the eagles built their nests in hard to reach places, the castles were situated on narrow rocks, which made them very difficult to invade. They are mostly located on the Trail of the Eagle鈥檚 Nest marked out in 1950.

The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests is marked with R1 type signs. The bicycle on a white background with a red stripe is placed mainly on plates, but also trees or fences. On the route, you can see signs with the number of kilometres to the nearest town and plates with the distance and direction of travel to nearby tourist attractions.

Distance: 190 km Surface: mixed (asphalt, sand, forest paths, field paths)
Ascent: 2 317 m Bicycle: mountain bike
Descent: 2 315 m Difficulty level: medium
Start point: Train Station in Czestochowa Finish point: Wawel Castle in Krakow
Website: Trail Signs: soon

Attractions on the trail:
Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jasna G贸ra | Castle in Olsztyn | Castle in Mir贸w | Castle in Bobolice | Castle “B膮kowiec” | The Ogrodzieniec Castle in Podzamcze | Pilcza Castle and the Smole艅 Reserve | Castle in Bydlin | Castle in Rabsztyn | Tenczyn Castle in Rudno | Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow

Proposed stages:
Considering the availability of accommodation, we suggest splitting the trail into three stages:

Stage 01 | Cz臋stochowa – Podzamcze | approx. 80 km
Stage 02 | Podzamcze – Krzeszowice | approx. 68 km
Stage 03 | Krzeszowice – Krak贸w | approx. 42 km

How to get on the trail:
The beginning and end of the trail are well connected. You can get to Cz臋stochowa by train. You can also get to Krakow by train from all over Poland. If you want to travel by car, we recommend you to arrive in Krakow and leave it in the car park or at the hotel car park and go to Cz臋stochowa by train.

Movie by: Szlak Orlich Gniazd