Narrow-Gauge Rail Trail

The Old Narrow-gauge Railway Route

This path was created on the embankment of the former narrow-gauge railway that used to connect Zmigrod and Milicz thanks to efforts of local authorities. On the route, ancient stops are now turned into resting places where cyclists can take a break and learn something about the history of the railway. Near to Krośnice and Wierzchowice you can take a ride – there is a new 3-kilometre route of a narrow-gauge railway.

Distance: 44 km Surface: asphalt and forest’s paths
Ascent: 445 m Bicycle: a mountain bike (MTB) or a touring bicycle
Descent: 430 m Difficulty level: easy
Start point: Żmigród End point: Grabownica
Website: Trail Signs: soon

Attractions on the route:
Milicz Ponds Reserve ( Rezerwat Stawy Milickie) | Former Railway Station of Sułów Milicki (Dawna stacja kolejowa Sułów Milicki) | Barycz Valley Landscape Park ( Park Krajobrazowy Dolina Baryczy) | The Castle of Milicz (Zamek Milicz) | Krośnicka Narrow-Gauge Railway ( Krośnicka Kolej Wąskotorowa) | 18th century Wattle and daub made Churches in Sułów Milicki | Żmigród | The Church of St. Andrew Bobola in Milicz (Kościół św. Andrzeja Boboli w Miliczu ) 

How to split the route:
The route 44 km long is perfect for a one-day trip for the entire family. It will be shorter if you start closer to Milicz.

How to get to the start point:
The trail runs between Żmigród and Grabowice. You can get there by car or by bike.